Please find the NFT following this link:
Please refer to Legal Notice before to purchase.
Each artwork is limited to 30 copies, some of Anthony Abrieux's are on sale on OpenSea. Buyer chooses which number he desires to purchase from 7/30 to 30/30. Previous numbers are reserved for special events, auctions, IRL exhibitions... Prices vary depending on file's size and artwork number. 
On OpenSea buyer have possibility to BUY and also SELL the NFT. Fixed price, altcoins, stable coins, auctions. After purchase the NFT is yours and nobody can take it from you, it is SAFE AND SECURE in your wallet. There is no need for creator to deliver certificate of authenticity, since the purchase of an NFT is by itself authenticate, through BLOCKCHAIN and TRANSPARENCY. 
Easy to buy, and easy to put on sale as well. Transfer to OTHER WALLET or OTHER NFT PLATFORM, or safe in a LEDGER (vault). 
Payment gives access to corresponding file, intended for professional printing and professional framing. Buyer has the opportunity to make his file a physical art piece. You may refer to section "How to buy" for advice.
There is NO OBLIGATION to print file, buyer may also perpetuate the file numerically into VIRTUAL SHOWING, inside GAMING NETWORK or AUGMENTED REALITY.
EACH artwork is authenticate, unique and of professional and artistic quality. 
No Photoshop, only IRL to raw and numerical development.
Buying NFT gives owner the copyright of  attached file. After purchase, link to download with unique password is made accessible to purchaser. 

Anthony Abrieux is actually requesting DAI payments, which might be modified in the future. For further questions or requests please feel free to contact Anthony Abrieux (go to contact)

Owner gives life to NFT, is part of the creation process, and is allowed to diffusion as long as it doesn't conflict with terms and conditions defined on "Legal Notice" page (alterations, pixel implementation ...)

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