*** All photographs on this website are covered by copyright. Please contact Anthony Abrieux for any personal or professional use or reproduction, to acquire reproduction rights or physical art piece.  Photographs on this website are protected against counterfeiting, any use or ownership without author's agreement is prohibited as mentioned on sections  L122-4 and L335-2 of French CPI and will lead to legal proceedings. Legal ownership does not allow frame modification, resizing, color or shape alterations, filters or effects modifications, nor does it allow printing in lower resolutions than original file, as well as higher resolutions and any pixel implementation. 
This is considered counterfeit and will lead to legal proceedings. 

*** Original works on this website are intended to be signed and numbered to the limit of 30 copies, acquirement requires invoice and a delivery of a certificate of authenticity. All prints and frames  are made before author's approval and works are delivered to buyer by shipping or directly handed.  

*** Photographs on this website are also intended to be reproduced after a copyright assignment to define conditions and duration. Please contact Anthony Abrieux to establish contract (go to contact)

*** Original works on this website are sold on different NFT platforms indexed on the Ethereum blockchain. 
Non-Fungible Tokens guarantee works authenticity and currency transfer through secured blockchain. 
Payment gives access to corresponding file, intended for professional printer and professional framer. Buyer has the opportunity to make this file a physical work. Uniqueness of one art work is under owner's responsibility. You may refer to section "How to buy" for advice.
There is no obligation to print file, buyer may also perpetuate the file numerically into virtual exhibition or showing, inside gaming network or augmented reality. 
The token is the original and unique art piece once NFT is created. 

___  Anthony Abrieux is declared as an author under French laws. Exceeding 30 copies of a single work, all ___ supports and sizes included, would be considered counterfeit and lead him to legal proceedings. 
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