Art photography - Original works of art - Limited editions - Signed, authentic and unique artworks

The works created by Anthony Abrieux are instants of staged life, out of time and out of space. His universe is dark, intimate, where lighting is essential and when everything depends upon it. The characters are confessing, engaging in, telling a story. 

For years Anthony Abrieux has had a keen interest in the fine-arts and especially the Baroque, Classicism and Romanticism painting arts. However he firstly chose to focus on the performing arts and worked years long in operas and theaters as a lighting designer. 
He designed light creations on renowned stages such as the Théâtre des Arts in Rouen, the CDN d'Alsace, the Chapelle Royale of Versailles, or for famous performing ensembles and companies like Ensemble Correspondance, the XY company and RatPack company.

The photography came later when the need to create even more became obvious. 
Behind each and every photograph lies a meticulous work of staging the light and the scene, building the models' characters, and playing with lights and shadows to reach the timeless point. The texture rendering and colorimetry fine-tuning are also culminating steps of the creation process. 

Not only inspired by painters such as Caravaggio, Gustave Doré, Bouguereau or filmmakers like Kubrick, Cronenberg or Lynch, Anthony Abrieux takes a lot of stimuli and sparks from creative composers like Thom Yorke, Bach, Murcof and so many more. 
The photography sessions always materialise through an inspiring listening. 

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